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Sayed Mahmoud Gillani


Sayed Mahmoud Gillani was born in 1949 in Herat Province and was brought up in a religious ‎family who are the descendent of Abdul Qadir Gilani. He graduated from religious ‎schools and got personal training from his own parents and local famous scholars of his childhood time.  ‎After actively participating in Herat’s uprising in 1978, against the communist regime of ‎Afghanistan,  he was forced to migrate to Pakistan for his safety. ‎


He then served at various capacities with the Afghan Mujahideen parties in Peshawar ‎where he held many positions from head of education, to special counsel to the ‎leadership of Mujahideen. In 1989, he migrated to America and since then, he has ‎been serving tirelessly as a teacher, Imam and religious leader of Afghan community ‎in San Diego area. With his leadership and the help of Afghan Community, he founded the Masjid Taweed in San Diego that has been a spiritual and educational center for both the Afghan American youth and Afghan elders.  He has been participated in numerous happy and sad occasions of Afghan families in Southern California and earned a great respect and admiration for his continuous service to the community. He has written many books and articles in various Islamic topics. ‎His latest book is about pillars of faith and prayers‎.  He has given lectures in various seminars and conferences and has appeared in many Afghan satellite TV shows.



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