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Community involvement is a great way to realize your fullest potential


We would like to applaud your decision to join AAMO membership and ask Allah (swt) to grant you the success of this life and the hereafter and count this move in your hasanat (good deeds). Insha Allah with your addition, we are hopeful to fulfill our mission and vision to better serve the community.


Residing in a non-Muslim country where there are limited Islamic resources, our responsibilities become obligations towards our communities. Our duties as Muslims do not end by serving our own needs. We must vigilantly and actively serve our fellow Muslims, regardless of their origin by providing and facilitating an environment where together, we can improve ourselves educationally and spiritually on a regular basis.  As an active member, we hope you find the time to visit AAMO website regularly and read the bylaws, announcements, and see how you can actively participate in the affairs of the organization. Please don’t hesitate to contact any AAMO board members for any information or suggestion you may have.


Benefit of AAMO Membership:

  • Networking opportunity among your peers
  • 10% discount rate for all AAMO conferences and events
  • Participating in AAMO family picnics/events that are exclusively for AAMO members
  • Receiving AAMO newsletter and other correspondences
  • Chance to win special prizes in semi-annually drawings of active members
  • Earn the blessing of Allah SWT for actively serving others through AAMO


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