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Qari Safiullah Samady

Qari Samady was borne in 1957 in Kabul. He graduated from Naderiah high school and pursued his bachelor degree in Science from Kabul University. Qari Safiullah studied many Islamic subjects, including memorization of Glorious Qur’an under many local Imams and scholars and in 1992, he completed memorization of the entire Qur’an.


Qari Saifullah, spend most of his live teaching Islamic classes to Afghan refugees in Islamabad, Pakistan and then in Heyward, California. He has been the Imam of Masjid Muhajireen and at the service of Afghan community in northern California over 20 years.  He is married and has three children, whom his two sons are also Hufaaz of Qur’an.


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