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Dr. Hamdullah Sayedi‎


Dr. Sayedi, Ph.D. was born on August, 1952 in Kabul, Afghanistan. He currently resides in California with his wife and ‎children. Dr. Sayedi has published a variety of books and researches concerning Islamic laws, he also has a strong background of ‎working as a Professor, Radio anchor, and a journalist. ‎Currently Dr. Sayed reside in Sacramento and work as Imam and Khateeb of Masjid Aisha (RA).



  1. PHD. in Islamic Jurisprudence and Comparative Civil Law, 1984-1996‎

University of Al- Azhar, Cairo, Egypt; Research focus: Islamic Civil Law. Awarded with high recognition

Publications: Three volumes of Faskh- uqud Al-mu’amlat (Abolition of financial and trade contracts) published in Saudi ‎Arabia, 1000 pages (language: Arabic). ‎

  1. M.‎S. in Comparative Islamic Jurisprudence, 1981-1984 ‎

University of Al- Azhar, Cairo, Egypt ; Thesis Title: Comparison of the different schools in Islamic Jurisprudence or Mazhabs, Awarded with high recognition.

Publications: Analysis of Imam Al-Natifi’s book Jumal ul-Ahkam, Published in Saudi Arabia, 420 Pages (language: Arabic)‎

  1. BA. in Islamic Sciences, 1974-1977 ‎

Imam Azam School of Islamic Sciences, Baghdad, Iraq

  1. ‎General Education in Islamic Studies 1970-1971‎

University of Kabul, College of Sharia, ‎Awarded a scholarship to study abroad in Iraq.


PUBLISHED WORKS                         

  1. Faskh- uqud Al-mu’amlat (Abolition of financial and trade contracts) ‎A comparison of the different schools of Islamic thoughts about jurisprudence. Published in Saudi Arabia (‎1000 pages, Arabic‎).
  1. ‎Jumal ul-Ahkam ‎- An analysis of book of ‎Imam Natifi’s. Published in Saudi Arabia (420 Pages, Arabic‎).
  1. ‎As-Subayat (An analysis of Imam Hmdan Al- arsousi’s book)

Published in Saudi Arabia (380 Pages, Arabic.‎)

  1. ‎Al- ba’th wa Al-nushoor (Analysis of Imam Abo- Bakr Al- Bayhaqi’s book). Published in Egypt in Arabic.



  1. ‎The influence of Sufism on the Farsi Language
  2. ‎Islamic law in relation to women: How does Islam address the Problems of women?‎
  3. ‎Islamic Organizations and their role in the progress of Islam.‎
  4. ‎Renowned Islamic figures



  1. ‎Imam and Khateeb / Islamic Scholar of Masjid Aisha (RA) 2006 – Present
  2. ‎Professor at ‎ Al-Azhar University  1984 – 2000 ‎

Taught the Arabic and Farsi languages at the College of Islamic and Arabic ‎Research and the College of Humanities.‎

  1. ‎Radio Anchor and translator at Radio station in Cairo, Egypt ‎1984-2000‎
  2. ‎Writer for the Farsi section of a Saudi Arabian newspaper ‎1977-2000


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