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Dr. Abdul Sattar Sirat

Dr. Abdul Sattar Sirat borne in 1937 at Samangan province and finished his higher education in Islamic Studies. From 1960 – 1969, he was serving as Professor, vice President and President of Sharieh school at Kabul university. Dr. Sirat served as the minister of Justice, chief justice, and special counselor to prime minister of Afghanistan. In more than two decades (1978 – 2002), he was the close advisor and representative of late King Mohammad Zahir Shah Ramatullah Aliahe. In historical Bonn – Germany conference of 2001, Dr. Sirat was elected as the head of interim government with more than 80% of the delegate’s vote, but later due to foreign interventions and special political considerations, he gave up the position.

In 1975, he migrated to Saudi Arabia and started his teaching at University of Umm ul Qur’a in Makah until 2002. Professor Sirat has been an active member of Muslim World League since 1976.

He is the President of Council of Reconciliation and national unity, movement of national unity of Afghanistan, Mualim. He is also the President of Advisory Board of Afghan American Muslim Outreach since its inception in 2006. He the author of many Islamic books and has reviewed numerous book and articles in Islam. Dr. Sirat has attended in numerous national and international conferences as the keynote speaker. In a series of Islamic lectures, he was able to produce more than two hundred hours of talk that was broadcast in major Afghan satellite TVs.  His major works are recorded in three albums, DVD and CD in his own voice. First album “Islam and life “, that contains 56 CDs is divided into 5 parts by Payam Afghan TV. Second Album “The biography of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) in 41 CDs and DVDs by Iman TV. Third Album “Islamic lessons and political theories” in 23 DVDs and CD by Sada-e-Haq TV.

Dr. Sirat currently lives in San Diego, California and due to his vast knowledge and credentials; he is considered an authority within the Afghan scholars all over the world.

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