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Application & Selection Process

AAMO scholarship application and selection process

The application can be obtained from the student affairs of the university or AAMO website. It must be 100% complete and shall be submitted to the university before the deadline.  Incomplete applications (including supporting documents) will not be considered for further evaluations and will disqualify the applicant. Deadline is strictly enforced. The application must be accompanied by all supporting documents listed below.

  • Academic Achievement based on GPA (Grade Point Average). The candidate must submit ‎their diploma and educational transcript for at least the past 2 years. ‎

  • Financial Need – Applicant must submit proper documentation to substantiate their eligibility

  • Extracurricular Activities, volunteer activity, and leadership, as detailed by a resume.‎

  • Writing an Essay to demonstrate the applicant’s academic motivation, personal growth, initiative and ‎perseverance. The questions stated on part 2 of the application shall be addressed in this essay.

  • Two letters of recommendation (academic, work or community services-related). At least one of the recommendations must be from an academic instructor


The university student affairs department will initially assess and verify all the submittals and make sure all the scholarship requirements are met. Then they will send the most qualified candidate’s complete file (application and supporting documents) along with their own assessment and recommendations in electronic format (Jpg, Pdf or Word) to AAMO.


AAMO central Board and/or the designated committee will make collective decision of who should be awarded the scholarship based on screening and evaluating each application. Applicant’s information will be kept confidential.


  • Selected candidates will be called for a final interview prior to awarding the scholarship. This ‎interview may be delegated to the university officials. Successful applicants will then be ‎notified in written format and will be asked to accept or decline the offer. ‎

  • Once the process of selection and mutual acceptance is completed then, the scholarship ‎recipients will sign the recipients’ obligations and disclaimer statement and sign the ‎agreement to use his/her name in the AAMO website

  • AAMO will formally introduce the scholarship recipients to the educational institution and,‎

  • The funds will be transferred directly to education institutions for the tuition and educational ‎expenses of the aforementioned recipients.

AAMO Scholarship Restrictions

  • AAMO will monitor award recipient’s academic performance at the end of every educational year ‎to determine whether to renew or not renew their scholarship. ‎
  • AAMO will act if the recipient’s absence from the classes exceed two weeks without legitimate ‎excuse
  • AAMO may restrict certain areas of study for some scholarships
  • AAMO will require the recipients to stay full-time students at all times during the period they are ‎receiving a scholarship.‎
  • AAMO will reserve the right to terminate the scholarship of any of its recipient in case he/she is ‎convicted of a crime in the court of law or involved in a gross misbehavior act. ‎