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Candidate Selection Criteria

AAMO will select those candidates who have the potential to excel as scholars, leaders and as contributors to the betterment of the ‎Afghan society. Assessment will be based on academic merit, leadership potential, financial need and ‎commitment to contribute back to the community. The selection criteria is divided into four equally ‎weighted categories that shall be reflected in the applicant’s scholarship essay. 


  1. Academic Merit
    • Evidence of Academic Background that is Strong and Relevant. Does the transcript show evidence of high academic achievement? Does this coursework prepare the candidate for the planned field of study?
    • Quality of Program of study. Is the proposed program coherent with the scholarship recipients’ goal and vision? Does the candidate’s writing give evidence of higher-order thinking skills and the ability to express thoughts clearly?
  2. Leadership Potential
    • Ability to Deliver Results. Can the candidate demonstrate how he or she delivers results from a position of leadership – whether by organizing, mobilizing or inspiring others? Is there evidence that the candidate initiated something and carried it through to an outcome?
    • Strength of Purpose. Has the applicant demonstrated courage of conviction, persistence, and determination in the pursuit of his or her goals? Do the candidate’s extra-curricular activities indicate commitment?
  3. Financial Need
    • This criterion is based on the financial information that is furnished in the candidate’s application. Candidates will be requested to describe their personal financial situation, specifically family circumstances, such as whether they are the first in their family to attend college. Candidates are expected to state if they are working to support themselves while studying at school.
  4. Community/Extracurricular Involvement
    • Candidates shall state their volunteer service(s) and other involvement they have for social causes.