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AAMO Scholarship Policy


AAMO Encourages and invests on potential leaders of tomorrow by providing them with the tools & means needed to succeed in higher education. AAMO Scholarships will allow deserving (bright and needy) students to attain their educational goals, meet their professional objectives and ability to overcome the barriers that prevent them from pursuing their dream.


Every qualified student shall be empowered to pursue higher education to make them not only self-sufficient, but also a productive member of the society at large.

About AAMO Scholarship

AAMO offers financial assistance to high school graduates in pursuit of a master, bachelor’s or associate degree. To be qualified for the program, students must attend a fully-accredited 2-years/4 years, traditional college or university in the universities in Afghanistan that AAMO have already established a formal relationship with. All of our scholarships are applicable to a student’s first year in college and will be renewable upon evaluating the student’s academic achievement and financial need. In return scholarship recipient promise to donate to AAMO scholarship fund for at least first 2 years of their work after graduation for the continuation of this program.


AAMO scholarships are funded by donors: individuals and organizations that wish to recognize students based on specific criteria that are important to the donor.